We are sorry to hear that Inmate Direct has gone out of business and can no longer serve you. Inmate Direct understood the importance of having a reliable and affordable way to talk with your loved one, which is why they have asked us to help. As the industry’s leading telephone company for the families and friends of inmates, we can make the transition easy and you can continue talking with your loved one. Here's how we can help:

ConsCallHome.com is the easiest and most trusted way to talk to your inmate. We help thousands of people like YOU save money on their inmate calls!

  • You can talk to your loved one MORE often.
  • We have customers saving $20 on a single call from their inmate!
  • According to the FCC, calls to ConsCallHome customers are not permitted to be blocked.

As an added bonus, there is a HIGH possibility we can provide the same phone number you used with Inmate Direct. Simply give us a call at 855-231-6868 and mention you were an Inmate Direct customer. We will try and provide the number that is already on your inmate's approved calling list.

Please call 855-231-6868 and start saving money today!

Thank you,

The ConsCallHome Team